From Sunglasses to camera straps

As my previous blog said I like Peak Design. So I thought I'd go into more detail about  The slide and how I found them. 

While on twitter, not doing much, a tweet from Tom Welsh (@getdeluxe) appears regarding new sunglasses made by people that are in the video and photography business. I thought "hey this could be interesting"  

I've ended up on Indiegogo and on the Tens sunglasses campaign, The video makes these glasses look incredible and at such a low price. I buy two. They are the best pair of glasses i've ever owned, strong and what you see when you have them on just makes everything look better. Even on a cloudy day.  

So I've just found this great site where you can fund products before they are made and get them at a much lower price than when they go on sale to the public. This was brilliant, why had no one told me about this. I googled crowdfunding sites and came across Kickstarter.

Click the glasses to find out more. 

 It was there where I thought what about camera accessories. The first one I come across was Peak Design and The Slide. Which had sadly ended already but I watched the video and wanted in. This strap is a thing of beauty. When owning a camera you want it to be safe and secure when not using it. This did it all! The anchor link quick correntors clips are a great idea, simple to connect and strong. The strap its self has a padding and a non-slip webbing like on a seatbelt. The adjustment part is something that makes changing the size super easy. Clip, then slide it to fit your body. It can be a shoulder strap, a neck strap or a sling style camera holder. If you're looking for a new strap this is the one. Peak Design at the top of there game, I wonder if they will ever move into making cameras?  5/5

 See their kickstarter video below