Everything in photography is about light. How much you let in is the key. The less your image is going to be darker and the more it will be brighter. Now over or under exposure of your sesor or film can work to make a great photograph. Just remember photography is a form of art. You don't have to follow the rules.  


Light can come from any place, be it the sun, a flash or a lighter and so on. Without the light you can't get that image 

Camera equipment 2016

I have been using Canon for a very long time. When I first started photography and working for Jessops, I would go over all the camera's in the shop, looking at what I couldn't afford and what was the best. I ended up going towards Canon, I really liked the L series lenses, high quality.

 At the moment I'm using the Canon EOS 5D mark III with a 24-105mm lens as my standard set up. With a 70-200mm for portraits and zoom work. I have a few speedlites but I use mostly the 600ex-rt and 430iii-rt with the radio trigger for off camera flash. I think I only have a flash on my camera when I'm shooting a concert or event.