Creative writing

Here's a short horror story I've written for my creative writing class. 



Summer is great but when it gets too hot it can go straight in the bin.

Shorts and t-shirt weather again. I head out with the dog for a morning walk to start the day. We head into the park as normal, the sun burning down on us that even at this hour it’s too hot for a long one. We finish our walk and I’m dripping with sweat. I’m English this isn’t what I'm used to.  I can feel the sweat running down my back. Disgusting.

As we head out the park I notice a lorry has pulled up. It’s not hard to miss. It’s a moving lorry, one of the really big ones that block the road.

Around here it’s mainly families, sometimes young couples looking to start their family, not often though. The dog starts to growl towards them as we pass, he even gives out a bark, very strange for him.

The day goes by and it gets hotter and hotter. I start to complain to the people that I’d normally whinge to, the internet, family, girlfriend.

Finally dusk, it’s still warm, it’s about 9 pm as the sun sets it gets to a nice temperature. You can sit outside listen to your music and have a drink, the type of thing you would do in the summer.

There’s a knock at the front door and am greeted by a young couple.

“Hi,” says the woman.

“We just moved in across the street and wanted to introduce ourselves” she continued

 “No thank you,” I say and begin to close the door.

The older gentleman, who lives in my house, heads over and starts to talk to them stopping me from closing the door. I walk away.

I’m not sure what happened. I opened the door and just felt this evil feeling come over me. I did not want to be near them. The two, a young man and a young woman maybe mid 30’s. They finish their conversation and leave.

“What did they want?” I call down

“Just to say hello, they seem very nice. I invited them to the barbecue tomorrow” he replies. I’d obviously forgotten they were having people around.


I’m sat in bed watching TV, the windows are open, then I hear an odd sound like a handle being turned. Real squeaking type of sound. I mute the TV, grab my phone and look at the time. 2.29am. What was that noise? I sit up a little bit more and look through the gaps in my blinds at anything outside. Soon as I do I see the new neighbours’ lights are on. Their garage door is open and the light from there is filling up the whole street. I watch as they carry something out. It looks like a large wooden box, it looks heavy. Wait! Is that what I think it is? Is that a coffin? A coffin what are they doing with a coffin? They suddenly stop and look in my direction. I duck down quickly and pull the covers over my head. They can’t have seen me. The blinds would have blocked their view of me definitely. I slowly sit up and pull the covers down and look back out through the small gap in the blinds. They’re gone. I reach under my blind and grab the window and close it very quietly. My heart beat starts to slow and I lie back on my bed, switch off the TV and try to get some sleep.


I awake with a jolt. There’s a tapping sound on my window, now scratching. I pull the covers up and over my head. The tapping gets louder; it is definitely coming from my window. That’s it. I grab the blind handle and in one movement pull the handle down and the blind goes up. I scream and let go and run out of the room as fast as I can. Lights in the house start to come on. One person appears from their room with a baseball bat.

“What the hell is going on?” he calls out

 I'm shaking with fear.

“The neighbours, the neighbours,” I say trying to get the words out.

“What do you mean the neighbours?” he says

“I swear they are flying by my window” I reply

He goes straight in, no fear. He doesn’t even stop to think what if. He doesn’t believe what I’ve said. He looks out the window, Nothing. The street is nearly completely dark only slightly lit up by our lights.

“Nothing, you’ve got some real issues,” he says to me as he leaves my room closing the door behind himself.

Everything has calmed down and everyone has gone back to their own rooms.

I sit, phone in hand checking the internet for any information on ‘people who can fly’.

No results anywhere. I put my phone on its charger and lie down. As I’m turning over to get comfortable I hear a voice say “Sleep well”

I jump out of bed again, turn the light on. Nothing, just an empty room. I sit at the end of my bed with a makeshift weapon a monopod I use for cameras from time to time. The hours go by and the sun starts to rise about 5.00am. 

I haven’t slept. When I hear the birds start singing a massive wave of relief came over me. What a night, did I just make it up? I’m so tired though. Maybe it was just all in my head. Lack of sleep would do that to you. I finally try and get some sleep lucky, it’s a Saturday. It's another boiling day and the world goes on around me. The next-door neighbour’s gardeners are working. Music blaring, lawnmowers, chainsaws. All the sounds you want to hear when you need some rest.

I slept for maybe 10 hours on and off. I spent a few hours on my laptop looking up people who could fly only to find airline pilots and drug users who believe they can fly due to the drugs they are on.

It’s around 7 pm now and the doorbell goes. Oh yeah the party, I get up jump in the shower and get dressed. There are a few more people here I say my hellos, grab some food and head inside. The doorbell rings again. I place my plate on the side and open the door. The new neighbours are standing there smiling. I freeze.

“Hi” the lady says.

I hear a yell from behind me as I’m pushed aside by the older gentleman.

“Come in, come in, welcome, sorry about him” I move aside and watch them enter. I get a terrible chill all over my body as they pass. The guy winks at me.

“We bought some red and white, we weren’t sure which you preferred,” he says as they head out to the garden.

I race upstairs to my room and shut the door. I go straight to the computer and start typing. Flying people, coffins into the search engines. All I get back is information on holiday trips to Transylvania. What have flying people got to do with Transylvania? I search more while I listen out to the party below, conversation, music the normal party sounds. I guess I should head down, I get up and head to the door. As I open it, standing right in front of me at the top of the stairs, is the neighbour

“Hello,” he says.

 My heart starts beating faster and faster I can feel it thumping away.

“Hi” I reply as calmly as I can.

“You saw us last night, didn’t you?”

“Saw you?” I question as I calmly push past him and head down the stairs.

“How was your sleep?” he calls down too me

 I head to the back garden where I see the lady standing behind one of the guests. I call over to them and Suddenly I’m grabbed from behind and a cold hand covers my mouth. I try and fight back but I’m not strong enough and I watch while being pulled back the women bites into guest’s neck. Bloody splatters everywhere, there’s screaming from the others. Chairs and the table are knocked over, glasses smash on the floor, screams of horror. With a bright white flash and a loud thud, six more people appear out of nowhere. They grab the guests and bite into them. I’m watching in terror and struggling as much as I can.

“WATCH!” the man says to me.

I close my eyes in the hope its all a dream. I bite down on his hand as hard as I can and kick him off me. He just stares at me and begins to laugh.  I grab a letter opener from the side and drive it straight into his skull. He stands, he’s stopped laughing now but a slight smile comes across his face as he pulls it slowly out.

“Don’t you know anything boy?” He says

 I shove past him and run up the stairs to the bathroom. The bathroom door won't hold off anyone wanting to get in let alone a Vampire. I check my pockets for my phone to call the police or someone, anyone. My pockets are empty, must have left it on the side. I’m so dead unless I can hold out until morning. I can hear them at the top of the stairs. It’s calm. A gentle knock on the door

“You should never invite a Vampire into your house,” he says

“I never invited you” I call back hoping that would help but knowing full well the older gentleman invited him in.

 Blood suddenly starts pouring up from the plugs both sink and bath spraying the room litres and litres. I’ve never seen so much blood. Suddenly it stops and there’s silence. I slump down against the door just in case they are still out there.

All the lights go out. I stand up, still holding the door tightly and with a flash the lights come back on. The bathroom is back to normal, there nothing, no blood, nothing. I open the window and look outside. Nothing, no guests or what’s left of guests, no vampires. Everything is normal just like before the party started.

I leave the bathroom, very cautiously, and enter my room closing the door behind me and lie on my bed and close my eyes.

“GET UP!” is screamed at me from some distance

“We’ve got guests arriving any time now, you’ve got to move your car!” says a familiar voice

I sit up rubbing my head and eyes, it must have been all a dream. I get up and head downstairs. Reaching the bottom step I see the old gentleman pouring himself a drink of red wine from a bottle as he walks past.

He stops, looks towards me and says “Fear makes them taste better”

I give a confused look then suddenly I feel a horrific pain in my neck as I’m lifted off the steps into the air, blood pours out of my neck covering the hall, the stairs, everywhere. It wasn’t a dream. I scream as loud as I can but nothing comes out then I’m dropped to the floor. I try and get up but I’m weak.  I hold my neck to try and stop the bleeding and fall against a wall. The two neighbours stand in front of me. They pass me the bottle the old gentleman had.

“Drink up, you’ll like the taste”