Michael Keaton

With the success of Spider-man Homecoming, it’s hard to think that it was all down to Tom Holland performance as Peter Parker / Spider-Man. For me, Michael Keaton stole the movie. He was terrifying as Adrian Toomes / Vulture but let's look back at some of his classics.

I first came across Michael Keaton in Tim Burton‘s  Batman It was a complete change from the old Adam West TV show. Keaton was a dark version of the Batman and went on to reprise his role in Batman Returns again and what some say a better film to the original. After that Keaton played some roles that passed me by. I think I was re-watching  Batman and someone mentioned Beetlejuice  I had no idea what this was, some said it was a comedy other's a horror. Not really being a fan of horror I wasn’t too keen. I sat down and watched what is now an iconic role. Who else could play Betelgeuse?  You will always remember Keaton’s performance in Beetlejuice. So Keaton was a comic actor too who knew?

When Multiplicity came out I wasn’t too sure on it. I then saw it had been directed by the great Harold Ramis who gave us Groundhog Day and Caddyshack  I  thought what could go wrong. It’s by no way the greatest movie and very silly in parts, it’s a nice family film.  Keaton plays the role so well. Having to play four different versions of himself at points, it was very very funny.

More time goes by and Quentin Tarantino comes along with Jackie Brown not a major role but enough to remember he’s in the film and I’d say a bit of the comic relief in the film. Keaton goes on to make other films but not ones that stand out for me, well not until his amazing performance in Toy Story 3 as Ken. If you’ve not seen it what are you doing? He completely steals the film. One thing for me there wasn’t enough of Ken in the film.

Next, he ends up working with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in The other guys again every time Keaton was on the screen I was laughing. Keaton makes a few more films including the remake of Robocop (I won’t link this one as well, just watch the original) Then Birdman comes out and finally the Academy sits up, what a performance. Sadly he didn’t win the Oscar but it definitely reminded people he’s not just Batman or Betelgeuse he’s a true artist. The following year he stars in Spotlight another great film. Actually, both Birdman and Spotlight won the best picture award at the Oscars would they have won without Keaton? Will never know, but his brilliance is finally being shown.

The last film I saw him in and the reason I’m writing this because of The Founder that film made me think more about Keaton and how he’s been in so many classics. He is brilliant in The Founder. You go from wanting him to succeed to hating him. Not the greatest movie the directing and edited are a little bit off, not saying I could do better at all but for me, Keaton holds it all together so well.

If you’re interested in any Keaton film I’ve created links to each one of his films listed here it takes you to IMDB where you can find out more. I felt Keaton needed some more praise and I fully believe we will be saying Academy Award winner Michael Keaton sometime soon.

Michael Keaton is Batman, Birdman, Beetlejuice, The vulture and Ken to me that makes him a legend in the acting world.